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Rick Green

Rick Green Quotes

Rick Green quotes

Rick Green Quotes and Biography

Rick Green Biography

  • Full name: Richard Green, known as Rick Green
  • Born November 4, 1953 in Toronto, Canada
  • Rick Green is a Canadian comedian, satirist, actor, writer, and advocate for awareness of adult ADD (ADHD).
  • He is most well known as co-creator of The Red Green Show and co-founder of comedy troupe The Frantics.
  • He also hosted Prisoners of Gravity on TVOntario.
  • He is the co-author of the book about adult ADHD called ADD Stole My Car Keys.

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Rick Green quotes

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“One of the ways I’ve overcome feeling overwhelmed, including the challenges of managing time, stuff, ideas, and work, is by turning onerous tasks into a challenge. With a time limit. A goal. Testing myself. In other words…I make it into a game.”

— -Rick Green, Article about being overwhelmed on

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I was as frightened of stimulant medications as the next person until it was pointed out that I was already taking a stimulant to help me focus – caffeine. Once I got the facts, I realized how safe they were when used properly and discovered they worked for me.

Laughter conquers fear. That’s crucial because ADHD is awash in myths and nonsense. Many adults I know don’t see it as a disorder. Just a challenge. But getting to that point takes time.

“These days, every expert we interview is keen to talk about ADHD as a deficit of Executive Functions. Executive Functions are, well, think of it this way… Imagine a top-level executive at a company that makes toilets (it’s just an example, ok?). Call her Tanya. Of Tanya’s Toilets. As a top executive, Tanya doesn’t make the toilets, she doesn’t test them, or work on design, engineering, or a thousand other details. The ‘doing’ gets done by others. So what does Tanya do? … an executive’s job. And part of your brain has that job. That’s its Executive Function.”

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