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Quotes about Soursop

Quotes about Soursop

Quotes about Soursop

Here are the best quotes about soursop, also known as graviola and guanabana...

What is soursop?

A tropical grown fruit that has a spin skin and is famous for having a banana strawberry flavor with notes of citrus. It has a custard like pulp, and is sometimes referred to as a custard apple or custard pear.

What is sourop used for?

It can be used in tropical drinks. Or desserts such as ice cream. It also has curative powers. It has long been used to naturally treat cancer, although doctors dispute that its consumption can be a replacement for medical intervention.

Names for soursop

Soursop also goes by the names: graviola, guanabana, guyabano, corrosol, sugar apple, pawpaw.

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Quotes about Soursop