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Minion quotes - these are real Minions quotes

Minion Quotes and Bio

Movie Character Biography

    This bio lays out everything you need to know about The Minions and authentic Minion quotes:
  • Full name: The Minions, featuring Kevin, Bob and Stuart and sometimes Dave
  • Movies:Despicable Me, Despicable Me 2 Despicable Me 3, Minion the Movie
  • Minionese quotes are performed by Pierre Coffin, co-producer of the movies.
  • Minion language is a combination of gibberish, English, French, Spanish and invented words. Read more about this and how the Minion voices came to be.

The Minions Back Story

The Minions are the yellow pill-shaped henchmen of Gru. Supposedly the were designed or of the same strand of DNA, bit in the Minions movie, the are shown evolving from a proto-critter emerging from the primordial oceans to find a boss to follow.

Scripts from the Minion movies

Here are the scripts from the Minion movies:

Random Minions Quote

Minion Quotes from Bob, Stuart,Kevin, David and more Minions

“Oh, hey! Looka! C’est un banono!”

— Minion, From the movie Minions

“Me! Me! Chosa me!”

— Bob the Minion, From the movie Minions when Bob want to go on an odyssey


— Kevin the Minion, On selecting Bob to go on an odyssey to save the Minions

“Boo-yah! Boo-yah!”

— Bob the Minion, Encouraging hippie protesters in New York City

“Hey! Le Buddies? No?”

— Bob the Minion, Bob sees his reflections in multiple mirrors and thinks they are friends

“C’est la me! Kevin!”

— Kevin the Minion, Sees a contestant called Kevin on the Dating Game in Minions The Movie

“Villain-Con! Orlando! “

— Kevin the Minion, Kevin wants to go to VIllain-Con in Orlando

“Oh! Hello, papaguena! Tu le bella comme le papaya. “

— Stuart the Minion, Stuart thinks a fire hydrant is pretty – from Minions The Movie

“No, no, no. Me do it. Me do it. Speta. Che le blumock.”

— Mocking Stuart and his hitchhiking style, from Minions The Movie, Kevin the Minion

“Oooooh! Oooooooh! Bapple!”

— Bob the Minion, Madge offers apple slices to Bob and friends in Minions the Movie

“Ssssh! Le boss le parla!”

— Dave the Minion, Waiting for the yeti to speak in Minions the Movie

“Bello! La la la…eh?”

— Bob the Minion, Shows his evilness using a teddy bear to Henchman Recruiter at Villain-Con

“Me le Kevin, la c’est Stuart…(Stuart: Yo!) Et la le Bob. (Bob: Minions!)”

— Kevin the Minion, Introducing himself and pals to Scarlett Overkill in Minions The Movie

“Bedtime porry?”

— Bob the Minion, Bob the Minion asks for a bedtime story from Scarlett Overkill in Minions the Movie

“Topilano la Crowna! Comme!”

— Kevin the Minion, Kevin and pals go to the Tower of London to steal the Queen’s crown

“England! England! England!”

— Crowd of Minions, Arriving in Australia in Minions the Movie

“Ciao, le poochy.”

— Bob the Minion, Says bye to his pet rat

“Mind the gap! Mind the gap! Mind the gap!”

— Minions, Bob, Stuart and Kevin in the London Undergrond – from Minions the Movie

“Bello! “

— Bob the Minion, Bob says hello, from Minions the Movie


— Stuart the Minion, Stuart gets a snow globe as a gift from the Queen for his heroism – but isn’t impressed

“Un supa mega ukulele.”

— Kevin the Minion, Kevin is happy about Stuart getting a hot guitar as a gift from the Queen

“C’est le boss! C’est le boss! Komay!”

— Kevin the Minion, Minions see young Gru for the first time – Minions the Movie

Bomb! Bomb! Quick! Quick! (Bomb rotates and falls.) Ahhhhh! (More bombs fall.) Uh oh! (BOOM!) Arrrrggggh.

— -Bob the Minion, Mini Movie, “Orientation Day.
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