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Roller Derby Quotes

Roller derby quotes

Definitions of Roller Derby:

  • (noun) A team skating competition on roller skates, held on an oval track.
  • Wikipedia: (noun)Roller derby is a contact sport played by two teams of five members roller skating in the same direction (counter-clockwise) around a track. Game play consists of a series of short match ups called jams, where both teams designate a player - called a jammer - who scores points by lapping members of the other team. The teams work to hinder the opposing jammer while helping their own jammer. Roller derby is played by approximately 1,250 amateur leagues worldwide, nearly half of them outside the United States.
  • Synonyms from affection, appreciation, devotion, fondness, friendship, infatuation, lust, passion, respect

Notes about Roller Derby:

While roller derby is a sport played by both men and women, it was originally, and is still, dominantly a sport played by women. Players identify as tough, feminine, unstoppable and competitive. Note that the roller derby quotes below are attributed to the athletes roller derby names or aliases, used b athletes in the sport. Learn more about roller derby names here. Here's a rundown of the basics of this skate-based rink sport Roller Derby 101 to help you better understand the sport. Learn about the equipment needed to play roller derby.


Now we have defined the term, let's look at some roller derby quotes from some notorious veteran players.

Random Roller Derby Quotes

Quotes about Roller Derby:

Here are the best quotes about roller derby:

“The game has changed a lot since I started. It is important for a veteran skater like me to evolve with the sport. Every year I work harder to keep up with the game on both a physical and mental level. I was 21 when I started, so I am still in my prime. It’s interesting how the “derby girl” has evolved, as well. In the beginning it was all about rock’n’roll, and now it’s about compression pants and the most effective cross training program.”

— Georgia W. Tush, #40, Montréal Roller Derby

“Derby is what you make of it. If you truly want it, you have to work hard at it. “

— Poison Violet, #007, Colombia QuadSquad Rollergirls

“We all fall down at some point. It’s what you do when you get up that matters!”

— Helen Wheels, #67, Denver Roller Derby

“Just get in there, find what you are good at and do it! The best thing about Roller Derby is there is no shape, size, gender, ethnicity, etc. that makes you better. You make you better.”

— Death By Chocolate, #69, Houston Roller Derby

“Even though the direction of our organizations may change as the years pass by, what has never changed is the spirit of the folks involved being so vehemently protective of this growing baby we know and love.”

— Queen Loseyateefa, #76, Atlanta Rollergirls

“Work hard, ask for feedback, skate outdoors, try everything, learn the rules, do things even if you think you can’t.”

— Christy Demons, #14, Victoria Roller Derby League

“Don’t be afraid and just go for it!”

— Mutch Mayhem, #77, Rose City Rollers

“Jamming is 50% reaction and 50% pro-action.”

— Scald Eagle, #50, Rose City Rollers

“It will be tough at times, but that is when you grow as a person and athlete: when you are challenged and you push through.”

— Jackie Daniels, #07, Texas Rollergirls

“Watching jammers around the country, the ones that succeed are sure of themselves, are confident in their skating, and know that they can do it. At the same time, they are humble and learn from their mistakes and they are constantly trying to adapt to the situations that are in front of them.”

— Bonnie Thunders, #340, Gotham Roller Derby

“Roller derby can change your life– make it a change for the better!”

— Hydra, #4, Texas Rollergirls

“I don’t live my life by motivational quotes, I motivate based on those around me, like my team and league mates.”

— Demanda Riot, #000, B.ay A.rea D.erby

The game is not about the win, it’s that it will come if you play with love and integrity.

— Fifi Nomenon, #108, Angel City Derby Girls

“Just put on some skates and don’t be afraid to fail.”

— Fifi Nomenon, #108, Angel City Derby Girls

“Find the mantra that helps you stay calm so that you can see more holes than you would if you were frantic.”

— White Flight, #54, Rose City Rollers

“Listen to your derby elders, they have lots of experience, but remember that this sport is so young and changes so fast that the best way might yet be the way that you invent.”

— Fifi Nomenon, #108, Angel City Derby Girls